The Thai Fishing Industry Traffics, Imprisons & Enslaves

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Crimes and wrongdoings are almost impossible to prevent.

No matter what, there will always be a batch of evil, heartless individuals in the world that exist. And unfortunately, they impose malicious and harmful acts toward those striving to make a better way in life for either themselves, or for their families.

In a recent short documentary from the Guardian, it has been exposed that the Thai Fishing Industry has been suffering with crooked sailors doing foul business. Human trafficking, inhumane imprisonment and cruelty to staff has been a few to throw on the table. Some of these crimes are absolutely despicable including beating fishermen, raping female workers in front of their husbands and implementing cruel tactics to staff members aboard ship.

It's very unfortunate to hear that so many innocent lives are lost in account to this nonsense. When will people learn? Do unto others as you may want done to you. It's not rocket science, but it is common sense - which isn't too common for most.

Check out this short film and leave your thoughts below in our comments section on the matter. What do you think needs to be put in place to reduce the rising numbers of these cruel acts?