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Arcades to Live Streaming; the Gaming Revolution Continues
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They say that the past and the future interact like a wheel – a revolution of trends and pastimes coming and going with each passing decade. One such area, where the revolution is almost as clockwork as the changing seasons, is the gaming industry. From the prevalence of arcade games coming back around to relying on the classics and even reimagining them, gaming often relies on its legacy to keep fans entertained.

The Arcade Game Revival

Arcade games were a staple of the 1980s. Titles such as Space Invaders and Donkey Kong were played until the leaderboards were full and the blue screens indicated that the end had been reached. But, thanks to the 1990s-2000s console boom, the arcades were left to grow dusty and unused. But, whether down to the popularity of the 80s as symbolized by musical trends and shows such as Stranger Things, arcade gaming is coming back. From the Retro Active Arcade in Edmonton creating bespoke arcade games for customers to Ontario’s Man Cave Arcade offering gamers a chance to reconnect with the old classics, it's much easier to go out to play games these days. The music world even embraced the classic arcade style 2D game for the Drake and 50 Cent vs Meek Mill feud, with Meek Mill being the protagonist avoiding L-bombs thrown by Drake and 50 Cent.

Bringing the Classics Back

As well as reviving the old platforms of gaming, more traditional games are also being brought back. Crash Bandicoot’s first three games were remastered in 2017. The gameplay was retained to keep the original fans happy – and provide an opportunity for them to reconnect with their beloved marsupial - but the updated graphics and more challenging gameplay will no doubt have attracted new fans. Online casino gaming also utilizes the classics to draw in original fans – such as fans of traditional slots, roulette, or poker – while also giving modern twists to some classics, as can be seen through the best online casinos offering video slots that feature DC comic book characters or even live dealer technology that harnesses the future of live streaming.    

Updating Gaming Technologies

Live streaming has grown tremendously in recent years – far greater than many realize. It’s not just live dealers in blackjack, poker, and roulette that offer a chance to see the future of audio-visual software, but homes are utilizing live streaming for their security cameras and lectures are even offering remote services for students to watch from afar. The live stream can spread over into the game world and, like with the classic of poker, can be applied to classics with simple gameplay that would benefit from utilizing the newest technological advances to attract new fans.

Every gaming generation benefits from the work done by both developers and those playing the games of previous generations. While this mainly revolves around learning from the past, it also means reaching back into the past and applying something that worked well to bring it to the present to try to engage a new crop of gamers. Gaming is indeed a revolution.