The Trump Card: Donald Poses Big Problems for the GOP

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What's not to like about Donald Trump? He's brash, unapologetic (even when attempting to apologize), clever and my most accounts a good businessman.

Well if you were to stop there with the superlatives then maybe he’s not so bad but that is just the beginning of what he is and most of it isn’t so pretty.

Some have said Trump is a monster the right wing created - a waffling, egoist birthed by a leadership vacuum. The problem Trump poses for his own party is that he is THE most divisive figure currently running on the right.

Trump is currently leading the other candidates in most polls on the strength of simply being controversial and while his comments regarding undocumented workers may resonate with the Republican base it does nothing to bridge the political gap that has cost the republicans with minority and women voters.

There is no real record for Donald Trump to run on but he has taken stances over the last decade or so, only to reverse direction on most of them, starting with his 1990 view that was pro-legalization of drugs.

Today Donald Trump is firmly anti-legalization. Trump has also reversed his stance on abortion, claiming to be “very pro-choice” in 1999 but now has stated he is pro-life. Gun control is another issue that Trump has seemingly performed a complete 180 degree turn on, first being anti-assault weapons to the point of criticizing republicans for being to party line on the issue. Now Trump is against expanding background checks.

Unfortunately for the rest of the right, the 16 candidates that are currently vying for the nomination, aside from Trump, lacking the basic charisma to fight off a blow-hard like Trump. While most believe the fervor regarding the Trump candidacy will die down, it does underscore huge factions within the party.

Trump has stated that if he isn’t treated fairly by his own party he could possibly seek to run as a third-party candidate which could be a worst case scenario dividing the party even further.

At best Trump is an opportunist looking to expand his brand and interests with a 24-hour news cycle as the platform and at worst Donald Trump is a fear-mongering self absorbed caricature who would much rather contribute sound-bites than actually expound and have discourse on the issues.