The war for justice

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"Black Lives Matter", is the chant that protesters across the Country are shouting while they take their post. Within the last several months, communities across the nation have been in an uproar with the justice system. There have been several incidents leading up to Caucasian cops being cleared from homicides against African American males.

One of the most recent controversial decisions, left protesters taking out there frustration on the streets of Ferguson. Ultimately people apart of these neighborhoods have all lost trust for local law enforcement. With no changes being made in a timely manner, chaos and division has continued to grow throughout urban communities.
This past weekend took a turn for the worst, with three cops being killed within 24 hours.

Two of the three cops were killed execution style, leaving New York law enforcement in a tough spot. Protesters have made it their business to let their voices be heard. With no signs of slowing down, many of the unresolved issues will continue to fuel the fire for protesters.