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Here Are The Fun facts of the World's most electrifying game

Breaking down the World of Poker.
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World Series of Poker Fun Facts

The World Series of Poker is a selection of poker tournaments that take place each year in Las Vegas ever since 1970. It started off as a mini tournament of the 7 most well known poker players, and has since grown into the largest poker event on the planet, attracting thousands of players from over 100 countries. Winning the World Series of Poker not only earns the victor a huge cash prize and a World Series of Poker bracelet, but it also recognises them as the world champion of poker. Here are our favourite World Series of Poker facts:

Winning By Votes

The first ever WSOP tournament in 1970 was organised by Benny Binion, and his idea was to get the best poker players together for a marathon session so that a true poker king could be crowned. The 7 best players in America took part in the challenge, but the way of determining who was the champion was settled by a democratic vote, rather than the actual results of the card games!

Annie Duke

Annie Duke is one of the most famous female poker players in history, and was once the all-time highest female earner until Vanessa Selbst broke her record. She famously participated in the World Series of Poke 2002 tournament while she was 9 months pregnant, and still managed to finish in a very impressive 10th position, which happened to be the 2nd best result for a female ever!


2006 Record Participants

When you consider that the World Series of Poker began with only 7 players back in 1970, it’s hard to imagine how it could grow to such immense popularity today. In 2006, The WSOP Main Event had the most amount of participants since its inception, with over 8773 registered players. The second most played event was 4 years later again at the Main Event, which drew in 7319 players.

The Accidental Champion

During the WSOP Main Event in 2015, Christian Pham thought that he had registered for the $1500 Texas Hold ‘Em game, that is, until he counted the wrong amount of cards and realised he was in the wrong game! To his horror, he had mistakenly entered the no-limit deuce seven lowball, a game he had never played nor knew anything about. Through sheer luck and a sense of adaptability that Bear Grylls would have been proud of, Christian Pham somehow managed to win the game, taking home a life changing $81,314.

Youngest & Oldest

In September 2017, Annette Obrestad became the youngest person ever to win a World Series of Poker bracelet which she won at the first ever European WSOP Main Event. She was crowned the world champion of poker a day before her 19th birthday, and pocketed a whopping $2.01 million. The oldest player to ever win a bracelet was Johnny Moss in 1988, who also happened to be the first ever player to win the World Series of Poker Main Event in 1970.