The Yeezy Boost - What's All The Hype About Really?

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Obviously, if you know who Kanye West is, you know that he's the creator behind the Air Yeezy sneaker. Millions of sneakerheads are in a frenzy for these ninja lookin' kicks, but the real question is "why"?

I personally was a fan of the Yeezy Collection when he collabed with Nike. It just seemed as though his kicks were more creative and worth the cash spent in terms of design. Unfortunately, because Kanye and the heads at Nike couldn't get along, he left them and got picked up by the designers at Adidas. The birth of the Yeezy "Boost" was born, and since then, I just don't understand the direction of the kick line.

It seems as though Kanye's minimalist approach is just too simple, especially if a consumer is gonna drop $350 on a pair. The shoes look like space boots from Mars, and offer the buyer minimal features, outside of the fact that they're JUST "Yeezy's". Oh, I forgot to mention the "Boost" sole that is heavily inspired around the Nike Roshe Run's design. Kanye threw some lines on the sole to avoid lawsuits for infringement of style. (Just my opinion)

And outside of that, why would anyone in their right mind wanna buy these ugly ass sneakers for a car note payment? Or even worse, for the cost of a kitchen full of groceries? I'm not a fan of the new Yeezy. Kanye can keep these to himself.

Im super happy with my Nike Roshe Run's. They look better, are super comfortable and only cost $75 bucks.