There Was One Chicago Sports Team President Obama Didn't Follow On Twitter

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As a native of South Side Chicago, Obama did not follow the rival North Side Chicago Cubs on Twitter.

After being in office since 2008, President Obama has finally created a Twitter account (@POTUS).

With only two tweets in, the world is already trying to analyze this account.

While the Cubs were not on his follow list  other Chicago major pro sport teams including the Blackhawks, Bulls, White Sox and Bears were.

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The Cubs and White Sox have a long standing rivalry (The Crosstown Classic) that has lasted for over a hundred years.

The Cubs took notice to the President's new account and absence from the list.

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According to Sports Illustrated:

The President has not taken quite as staunch an anti-Cubs stance as many of his fellow White Sox fans though, previously including the Cubs in the list of Chicago teams he would like to see make a trip to the White House to celebrate a championship.