There's Been A Summer Surge of Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses & Crime

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Synthetic Marijuana use has grown more and more in major cities this summer, resulting in a rise of overdoses and crime, according to police.

It is such a big problem that police chiefs meeting in Washington calls for the development of field tests that can help police spot synthetic marijuana users quickly, according to CNN.

What's synthetic marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana is marijuana mixed with a variety of chemicals. It will be in packets with names like K2, Scooby Snax and Spice. Users who smoke it may have no idea what chemicals are in it while they smoke it.

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, in the U.S. there have been 4,377 reports of people who suffer form the effects of synthetic marijuana. In addition, a survey conducted with 35 major city police departments across the U.S. say that thye have found that 30% of some violent crimes are attributed to synthetic marijuana.

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