These Sunglasses Cleverly Disguise a Pair of Bone-Conducting Speakers

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Zungle, an L.A. - based tech startup has the idea which could change the way we listen to music forever.

Introducing the 'Panther'.

Creating a pair of bone-conducting speakers and placing them inside the arms of a stylish pair of wayfayers, transmitting crystal-clear audio directly to your eardrums through your skull bones.

The plus? Your ears are completely open, while still being able to maintain your surroundings awareness.

Being Bluetooth ready, calls can also come through these glasses from your smartphone.

Here's the specs: 45 grams in weight, 300 mAh battery, five colorways, replaceable lenses, quick charging a full battery in an hour & four hours worth of audio playback.

The Panther debuts at $89 USD, setting out for orders on Kickstarter on June 16th, securing a delivery date of December 16th 2016. Be sure to grab yours, as we'll be getting ours pronto.