This 17th-Century Home in Greece Got Updated With Beautiful Contemporary Renovations

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Honestly, we all wish that someday our homes will look something like this.

And if you don't feel the same as the rest of us, it's because your house already resembles something just like this.

Or maybe this IS your home that we're talking about, right here and now. Could be a possibility, but a very slim one indeed. 

Unless this is your home.

Just my thoughts, lol. But all in all this crib is beautiful. This is why we Americans break our backs day in and out. We all want a piece of the pie. We all desire and long for a retreat of a home which makes us feel as though were the Kings and Queens of our neighborhoods.

According to HYPEBEAST: 

"Located atop a hill in the sleepy village Castel of Emporeios on the volcanic island of Nisyros, Greece lies the Sterna Residence I, a 17th-century manor that recently got a makeover treatment."

"The interior features a minimalist contemporary design where clean, top-to-bottom all-white spaces feature a mix of simple, modern furniture amongst rustic detailing like framed windows, antique doorknobs, and exposed piping in the bathrooms."

And the list goes on and on. Check this crib out for yourself, and leave your thoughts on this spot. Would this be your dream home if you could afford to buy it?