This 4th of July Weekend, Don't Blow Yourself Up With Fireworks

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The 4th of July is just around the corner. 

Many proud male American citizens fire up the BBQ, assort the cooler with extremely, refreshing brews, turn up the classic jams and watch their cities local fireworks on television. Or if their lucky, in the air (if they're close enough to)

But then, there's another type of man, who does exactly what the guy above does, minus "watching" a firework show in the air. They are the firework show, and they hold the key to the local entertainment, live and direct. Yeah, we all know this kind of guy, who goes to the South of The Border, to get the illegal stuff to light your block up like a Christmas tree.



However, there are some states that welcome fireworks of all kinds, meaning it's perfectly legal to light up any kind of your choice. Other cities? Maybe not so much. Know your laws before getting started, based upon your location. 

Watch this video first, then proceed to the last section. Oh, and peep homeboy's stache in the visual. It's bad ass.

Lastly, have a great time! Here's a few other key facts to know in addition! Be safe, and be smart!