This Man Is Trading His Yeezys For a Kidney

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With hopes that someone will trade a kidney for those rare pairs of Yeezy Boosts floating around is the deal on the table. Without a donor, 26-year-old Matt Neal of Michigan could lose his opportunity at a second shot at life.

According to Complex:

"Sole Collector reports that 26-year-old Matt Neal of Ann Arbour, Mich. has reached out to the Facebook group "WDYWT?" seeking to trade his pair for a new kidney. "People are always joking that they would give a kidney for a pair of yeezy's!! Well here's your chance," wrote Neal."

Having a wait time of up to seven years, including U.S. law restrictions that prevent him from buying one outright has put him in a sticky situation. His motivation to "donate" these Yeezys stems from his need of a matching kidney from a donor.

Click here if your interested to give one of yours. Matt Neal, you're in our prayers here at HYPEFRESH®.