This Man Tried To Pawn a Sega Genesis Filled With Meth

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What made this man want to sell a crystal meth stuffed Sega Genesis is beyond our understanding.

Jared Fournier of Georgia brought his old video game console to his local Pawn shop to get cash for it around 5 p.m. on Friday. According to WALB News reports, he handed it over to the employees who took a closer look at the console to ensure it was in good condition. One worker discovered jammed in the game cartridge slot the drugs and immediately alerted the police.

Without question, Fournier was arrested by Colquitt County Police, where he was charged with possession of crystal meth, which was clearly his. No updates on whether the game console was in working condition, but it's clear he won't be getting back his video game system - ever.

The real question is this:Did he forget it was inside?

Clearly, no one is going to sell crystal meth to a pawn shop dealer for the prices the buyer will offer. Especially when the streets pay more per sale. So clearly, we can deduce this was a careless accident. One that cost this man his freedom and a clean criminal record. If this was intentional, the real question underlying is whether mental illness is present.

Just makes one stop and think to ponder. What do you think really happened in his case?


Words// Clark Kennedy, HYPEFRESH®

Source:WALB 10