This Subway Video Shows Brave Passenger Shaming Alleged Masturbator off the Train

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This man was video'd "alledgedly" massaging his penis at the sight of a woman on a NYC subway train. Surprisingly being confronted (in a hood manner of sorts) he was put on blast in front of every passenger around him.

According to Complex:

"What are you doing?" a woman is heard asking a fellow passenger in the video, uploaded to YouTube under the title "Pervert Gets Busted Rubbing His Dick on a NYC Train." After she asks the man repeatedly for an explanation, the shaming begins. "You over here rubbing your dick?" the woman is heard saying. "You wanna rub your dick, bitch? You rub your dick when you get off the motherfuckin' train!"

Needless to say, the man was oddly embarrassed and quietly exited the subway car in shame. It just goes to show that people in NYC don't play that shit.