This Unique Chilean Beer Is Brewed From Something Strange

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This unique Chilean beer is brewed from fog. The beer--a golden-amber Scottish ale with brown foam--is made only with the water collected from the fog nets.

The desserts of Chile are extremely dry, however Popular Science reports retired physics professor Carlos Espinosa Arancibia has been researching ways to capture fog in the region using nets. These nets hold the fog which then eventually condenses into liquid. And viola.. beer magically appears (well.. pretty much).

A group of ingenious brewers in Chile’s Atacama desert have found a way to intercept that water mid-cycle—in the form of fog—and turn it into beer, according to BBC.

Chile’s Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on the planet and some parts haven’t seen rainfall for centuries. But the region is often covered in a dense fog locally called camanchaca. Because of the type of climate, local flora harvest need little water to survive.

Now, the brewery, Atrapaneblina (meaning Fog Catcher) has created a unique brew from the fog that only yields 6,300 gallons a year.

The netting is inexpensive--430 square feet of the stuff would cost $1,000 to $1,500--and has minimal effect on the local ecosystem. Espinosa plans to bring fog water to local families in the near future.

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