Even Tidal Members Experience Delays In Yeezy Season 3 Live Stream

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I purchased Tidal strictly to view the Yeezy Season 3 collection because I assumed that it was only open to members. I downloaded the app, ordered my espresso and realized that after minutes of buffering, my experience would be no different from non-members. And its things like this that frustrate myself and so many others who expect so much more from our pop stars and large corporations pushing broken promises. The Yeezy Season 3 "Extravaganza/Runway Show" was not enjoyable partly due to the fact that connectivity was extremely flawed. Crucial moments were lost, transitions were non-existent and the listening experience was horrible. I expected Tidal members to experience the most out of the show, however I was wrong. Granted, millions were tuned in, but for a monthly fee, my experience should have been better. In the future, I expect exclusivity. If not, what's the difference from any other music platform? Should it exist? You already know my answer. Am I wrong?

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