Tips For Advertising Your Business

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You need to advertise your business, but that comes with two stipulations. Advertising needs to be both inexpensive and targeted at a local audience. Here's a few ideas that might help:

First, recycle your content. Just as you can repurpose existing studies, you can rehash your old content into new creations as well! Turn a webinar into a video tutorial. Transform a collection of blog posts into an ebook. Never be afraid to mash-up your old content. Chances are a ton of people have never seen the old content, so it’ll be new for a large segment of your audience.

Second, develop a Customer Referral Program. Offer existing customers a free product, free month of service, or some other reward for referring new customers. Remember, word of mouth is powerful stuff. So friends telling friends about your business is valuable.

Also, Press Releases!

Be sure the story is newsworthy, not simply an advertisement. Send press releases, open a branch, win an award, reach a milestone, host an open house, partner with a company, expand your products or services, restructure your business, or work with a charity for your business. Share to the world your message -- literally.

Post flyers about your business on message boards at libraries, community centers and grocery stores.

Lastly, Donate a prize to local radio stations for giveaways or contests. You'll get on-air exposure and perhaps a mention on the station's website, too.

Make it happen ...