Tips For Event Planning

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event planning

Expect — and plan for — the unexpected

No matter how carefully you do event planning, there’s always a risk that something can go wrong. Consider the following advice on notoriously unpredictable variables:

Venue temperature: There is an importance of climate control: When selecting a venue, make sure you ask about the temperature. Party spaces are different with hundreds of people inside; always ask if venues get very hot, and if they do, we rent additional fans or air conditioning units. It's better to ask then to be disappointed later.

Timing: Padding the components of your event with extra time: When building a production schedule,be sure to include time buffers — not only for day-of, but throughout the deliverables process.
Always give yourself extra time just in case.

Weather: Whether it's having heat lamps on hold for a potentially chilly outdoor event or industrial ACs; BE prepared! In case of an extra hot day, or ordering a 'just in case' handful of umbrellas or have tents to help the event flow during the rain, it's nice to see that the details are thought of. Never assume. No the weather and what to do.

Budget: Keeping an emergency fund. As a general rule, always include a contingency bucket in our budgets. Have extra incase things change or if something in addition is needed.

But most importantly, communicate ;stay organized and enjoy your event.