Top 5 Reasons Why Serena Williams Is One of The Greatest Female Athletes

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Serena Williams is that female athlete that seems to have it all. Talent, charisma, charm, grace, looks, and so much more, but just how blessed is Williams? Very!!, from having multiple titles to high profile relationships; Williams will continue to be around for a long time.

1. The accolades began rolling in 1999 when Williams became the second African-American woman to win a Grand Slam title.

2. Winning multiple gold medals with her sister Venus at the Olympics

3. Her dad helped raised two fantastic girls, and went to bat whenever he felt one was disrespected. They know their worth!

4. She will forever be immortalized in a Drake song very shortly, and clearly she's inspiring Drake. He's been hitting the gym hard lately. Maybe Common knew what Drake had planned years ago?

5. Just look at Serena, She's simply beautiful and natural. She has become a woman in her own right, and has established herself as one of the greatest tennis players ever, regardless of gender.

Williams has worked very hard on her career, and hasn't let anything or anyone stop her. From the beginning ages of playing with her sister, to them battling on the court for multiple different titles; both Williams sisters have proven themselves to be more than just female athletes.

They are great athletes in general with skills that speak for themselves.