Top things to do in Philadelphia this summer.

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If you're from Philly then you probably know all the possible moves that you could make during the summer, but if not and you plan on visiting soon, here's all the things you could do when you get here:

1. Take a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art: The art museum presents over 25 exhibits each year and there's unlimited art to look at if you're an artsy person. Personally, this is a great place to go if it's too hot out but you still wanna go out and do something and stay cool.

2. Go to Spruce Street Harbor Park: I've only been to this park once but I fell in love instantly because I went at night. Harbor park is better at night; there's colorful lights all over, hammocks you can lay on, little concession stands so you can grab snacks and much more. This one is something that an entire family would enjoy doing.


3. Learn about the history of the U.S.: You can visit the Constitution Center where you'll learn all about our constitution and much more. You could visit the liberty bell (something that I have yet to do). Or you could go to independence hall which is where both the United States Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were debated and adopted.


4. Grab a bite to eat: I'm sure you'll get hungry at some point and The Reading Terminal is the place to go. There lies A LOT of different kinds of food, I mean who doesn't love food? There's Caribbean food, Amish food, Chinese food, Soul food and even delicious snacks and clothing vendors that you could check out.


5. Visit the Eastern State Penitentary: This very old and creepy prison is scary during the day but even scarier at night. They have day tours you can take if you're ever in town, but the prison turns into a Halloween attraction in the fall and it's the scariest thing ever.