"Mr. Steal Your Girl" Trey Songz Was Arrested For Throwing Stage Equipment During Detroit Performance

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Trey Songz was arrested at Joe Luis Arena in Detroit on Wednesday night after he destroyed concert equipment at the end of a performance. 

Reports show that the R&B singer became extremely belligerent and started throwing microphones and other stage equipment after his mic cut off during his performance. 

  "If they cut me off, remember it and text whoever you want to and tweet whoever you want to and tell everybody about it," he said. "Because a n*gga cut me off, I’m going the f*ck crazy."

  And that's exactly what he did. Another video surfaced of the singer picking up stage equipment and tossing them around the stage. Police rushed the stage and at some point a Detroit Police sergeant was hit in teh head with a microphone, suffering a concussion. Songz was placed with malicious destruction of property and resisting and obstructing arrest. He has yet to release a statement. 

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