Trey Songz 'Trigga Reloaded' Lacks Variety

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tigga reloaded

Variety is lacking in Trey Songz' Trigga Reloaded.

We get it Trey, you like sex, a lot. Pretty much every song you write is about baby making and you have no shame in that. But where's the versatility? There's an obvious need for some classic R&B songs, but the songs off of Trigga Reloaded just don't shout "I'll Make Love to You" or "U Make Me Wanna."

There's really not much variety. Some of the songs are successful singles that we've been hearing for a while now (the original Trigga came out last year). Many of his successful songs are the ones that have him accompanied by other artists such as "Touchin, Lovin" feat. Nicki Minaj and "Dead Wrong" feat. Ty Dolla $ign.


I've got to give Trey some credit though-- he's got a beautiful silky voice. But unfortunately, he juxtaposes that against bland production and a slew of sexual innuendos.

Especially during "Cake," the song sounds really sexy at first but as you listen to his lyrics (as you start singing them) you immediately feel a little upset with yourself for mouthing along.


I mean, do we really need to know who he's f*cking tonight? Songz fails to distinguish himself with this album by showing us more than his talented voice.

Unless you're a downright legend, (like Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake even), I don't see the point in re-releasing an album.

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