'Tribe' - Nairobi’s Hippest Hotel To Date

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Check this sweet place out.

Pinpointed in the heart of the Diplomatic District of Nairobi, just around the corner from the Village Market (East Africa's most popular shopping and recreation area) - is Tribe, a lavish, hip hotel stay that invites itself to holiday and business adventurers from all over.

Featuring distinctive art, furnishings and a uniquely mapped out floor plan, the touch of Africa is embedded in it's entire appeal. Comfortable rooms with King size beds, TV's and a dreamy rain shower. If you want to take it a bit further, Tribe also offers their version of a 'Penthouse' with their ultra-luxe suites for the taking.


On the roof of this place rests NEST, which is an inspired Moroccan lounge which features a pool, beautiful views and an energetic atmosphere. 8pm marks the time when the lounge comes to life with music, guests and positive vibes.

Jiko, which is Tribe's open flame grill restaurant is an added touch to the place, offering organic, exquisite cuisine like no other. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is Jiko's specialty, as they feature an array of varieties, carefully selected to please all who attend. A waterfall decorates the pool... Need we say more?

All this to say, this place is awesome. For more details on Tribe, click here to discover the other awesome amenities and possibilities of this location.