See the gradual incline of what we know as portable music!!

Technology changes fast. Every day there are new inventions and products in the market, making our life more comfortable and luxurious. And we are more than happy to welcome new things into our daily routine. And why not, change is inevitable after all.

Sony Discman

The legendary discman 

But in this race of advanced technology and our will to cope up with the current trends, many technologies, which were an important part of our life, are vanishing now. And sadly, Walkman and Discman are one of them.

There was a time when people wouldn't leave the house without their Walkman or its sibling Discman. It was a great way to carry our favourite music with us wherever we go. And there's no doubt that it was an excellent company for the joggers, commuters and kids seating in the back seat of the car.

Due to the arrival of iPod in 1998, the white headphones became a new fashion. And the portable music players started to vanish from our lives. But let's not forget the beautiful moments and memories of the Walkman and the Discman. And that's why UK mobile casino, is reliving the glorious era of these portable music players and show their tribute to the portable music players of 1998.

Get into the Glorious Era of Portable Music Players

Although the Walkman and the Discman have been very popular for decades, people didn't take their arrival in the market very well. In 1979, it was debut year; people were criticising these portable music players more. Experts were concerned about hearing problems or safety issues. Some were worried about the psychological effects it would cause in person's life.

But as the time passed, the criticism subsided, and people started loving, and we're more accepting of this technology. And soon these portable music players were booming the market worldwide. By 1998, Sony had successfully sold about 175 million Walkman and 50 million Discman around the world. The count of other brands selling these products was also massive.

But to carry these portable music players, you would need to decide what music you were in the mood for before you leave the house. People had to take more than one discs or mixtapes with them. It was a very limited feature if we compare it to today's mp3s.

iPod captured the market

In 1998, with the launching of iPod and mp3 players, Walkman and Discman were laid back and forgotten and out of people's lives. In July Apple announced two models of iPod, Shuffle and Nano that could work without the internet. As new devices with many new features debuted in the market, the portable music players of 1998, became rare.

But the pleasant and undistracted music experience they gave, could not be forgotten. It provided people much needed time for themselves, without the disturbance of news flashes and text messages, unlike today's music players.

Unfortunately, there's not much market for portable music players these days. And that's why Jackpot Mobile Casino shared about the era of portable music players of 1998, so people won't stop remembering the purely musical experience of their time.