Twitter is Looking to Expand 140 Character Limit

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For years people have been saying "140 characters isn't enough." Well Twitter is reportedly trying to do away with the 140 character limit when posting on Twitter.

Twitter will make this possible by coming out with a new product. It is pretty unclear as to what that project may be at this time, but apparently it will allow people to make longer content and be able to publish it onto their twitter.

They are also reportedly working to take links and usernames out of the 140 characters to make content longer.

CEO Jack Dorsey and the Twitter team have been looking for new ways to expand the user base. Sources say that people have been begging Twitter for years to make this change. Sources also say that Dorsey is highly supportive of the potential change.

Question is, will longer form publishing on Twitter increase the database as sites such as Facebook and Instagram? Or will it continue to be one of the less used social platforms?