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She's Got Game star Priscilla Rainey wins $7 million lawsuit against rapper for sexual harassment
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Courts ruled in favor of VH1 reality star, Priscilla Rainey’s sexual misconduct lawsuit against hip hop artist The Game. Rainey claims that he sexually assaulted her last year during filming of VH1’s reality show, She's Got Game. The courts ordered Jayceon “Game” Taylor to pay $7 million in Rainey’s assault case. 

Priscilla Rainey claims that during a set scene at a sports bar, The Game was completely out of control, intoxicated and on drugs as he proceeded to touch her inappropriately, by means of “forcefully reaching his hands up her dress to touch her bare vagina without consent”. From that point on, she decided to take legal action.

While Rainey was pressing charges against his alleged sexual harassment, reports began to surface about an unclean past of Rainey’s. According to documented reports, she was arrested for petty theft and engaging in criminal mischievous acts. In her defense, Amber Rose argued that this was an example of victim blaming. Rose said that Pricilla’s past had nothing to do with her being inappropriately touched by a man. 

Amber Rose says:

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 1.19.59 PM.png

In response to Amber Rose's post, the Game said:

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While these post were screen-shotted in August of 2015, The Game has not recently responded to the outcome of the lawsuit.