Uber Driver Kicks Out Passengers For Dropping Off Drugs (VIDEO)

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Since its creation, Uber has helped people get around, to work, school, restaurants and more.

Recently an Uber ride was used in Boston to "drop off keys," which is a term for selling drugs. Four passengers were riding along when in mid trip one passenger asked to go somewhere else to return keys to someone.

Although hesitant, the driver agrees to change direction and take the guys where they need to go. Everyone was talking and having a good time, until the Uber driver watched a passenger pass "keys" out.

"That wasn’t keys, buddy," the driver says. "That was drugs." Disagreeing with the passengers choices, the driver then says "I won’t charge you, just get out." All but one passenger got out the car at first, upon threatening to call the police, and a brief argument, the last passenger reluctantly left, just making sure he wasn't charged.