Uber launches "UberBOAT" in Istanbul

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Uber is no longer JUST on the roads. According to the company, they've just launched a boat service in Instanbul. No kidding.

We all know, Uber gets a hard way to go from licensed taxi drivers worldwide. UberBOAT will start in Turkey's biggest city - Instanbul. The idea is similar to the likes of any other Uber service - cheaper, efficient transportation, whenever, wherever. Just in this case, an Uber certified boat will shuttle passengers along the Bosphorus channel with the tap of a button from their cell phones.

As of now, the base prices are set around $19 USD. This could be an excellent alternative to getting around if city traffic is terrible. For more info, visit Uber's newsroom., and share your thoughts. Do you think this would be a good idea to implement in select US cities, or no?