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UK Artist Louis Mattrs Sets His Own Path In R&B

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Louis Mattrs is a different kind of R&B, very much a product of his environment, his surroundings, and those physical attributes that makeup his hometown. Combined, these factors influence the narrative he threads throughout his tracks.

No stranger to the music world, Louis has been featured on Chase & Status’ 2013 smash “Lost & Not Found”, as well as releasing his Beachy Head EP in 2014. “War With Heaven”, the first track from the project, was premiered as Zane Lowe’s Next Hype on Radio 1.

In the midst of perfecting his forthcoming Slow Waves EP, Louis kept fans entertained, and dropped the sensational mash-up mix of Tweet’s old school “Ooops” banger and PartyNextDoor’s “Wus Good”. The mash up was heavily championed on radio from the likes of Annie Mac and Mista Jam and it quickly became ‘1Xtra’s Record Of The Week’.

Listeners will be blown-away by Louis’ sheer versatility on his lead track “Superman”, a song which was written, produced and performed by the man himself. Lyrically sultry and emotive “Superman” is sonically haunting, leaving it’s sound lingering long after the first listen.

William Carter: How did you get into music? When was the moment you knew this is what you wanted to do?
Louis Mattrs:I first got into music the same way as everyone else, by being given a cracked version of Fruity Loops and then thinking I was a don (thinking back to it now.. I definitely wasn't). In my late teens I knew I wanted to pursue a career in music as it was the only thing I never got bored of.

WC: How would you describe your progress from 2013 to now?
LM: My musical progression since a couple of years a go is like I’ve discovered how to use the finesse shot on FIFA.

WC: What has been your favorite song that you've done so far? If it wasn't music, what else would you be doing?
LM: It’s probably “Superman", and if I wasn’t making music, I would be sitting in the pub.

What is something your fans would be surprised to know about you?
That I’m undefeated at Mario Kart 64.

WC: Your sound is different and unique, so how would you describe yourself? Who influenced you?
LM: Over the years I’ve been influenced by bands such as Inc. and The Internet amongst others as I love their soulful chord progressions and overall sound. I would like to believe my music is somewhere between PARTYNEXTDOOR and Musiq Soulchild, at least that is what I was intending anyway.

WC: How did Opps x Was Good come about?
LM: After realizing I hadn’t released any music in over a year I thought it was about time I put something out. I didn’t want to cover any obvious pop song so I thought I would dig into my old CD collection to try and find a gem. Oops was that gem. I was listening to a lot of PARTYNEXTDOOR at the time too so I thought I would throw a bit of Wus Good in the mix too.

WC: What would you say is different from your previous EP's compared to your forthcoming Slow Waves EP?
LM: The progression is the difference. I’ve learnt a lot since my previous project, and I felt it was time to put out a new body of work that really showed my progression musically.

WC: What made you want to release Superman as the first single from Slow Waves?
LM: I chose “Superman” because it was my favorite song. It just stood out to me, and I really enjoyed making it.

WC: Anything you can tell us about your upcoming Slow Waves EP?
LM: The sound of the EP is very much a blend of old skool and new skool R&B. So if you like either, then hopefully you’ll be into it.

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