UN-COOL: Some Idiot Replaced God's Name In The Bible With "Kanye"

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Just when you thought times were getting worse... Some idiot (who refuses to identify himself) has published "The Book of Yeezus" after pop star turned satanic occultist - Kanye West.

Not only is the published work of art blasphemous against the creator, but it takes the written word of GOD out of context completely. By simply changing around the name of GOD with "Yeezus", it gives Kanye West all the credit for creating the Heavens and the Earth.

The Christian Post interviewed the author and his team as to where the inspiration came from with this book:

CP:"Are you all Kanye West fans?"

Author:"You know, we all appreciate Kanye's music I think to a certain extent we all admire him as a popular cultural figure and that's no small feat for any individual. To say that we are 100 percent devoted to him in a religious worshipping way is probably inaccurate and a great overstatement - that was never our intention."


This has obviously struck a nerve with many people who are Christians, including HYPEFRESH staff - as we are Christian Based in faith as a publication.

We don't have a conclusion for this foolishness, as it's really sad to see someone would play with historical doctrine. We'll let the Forerunner 777of The Forerunner Chronicles close this article out in his expert opinion. Watch the video below, and share your thoughts - if you have any.

Author: Clark Kennedy, HYPEFRESH