Meet Chiharu Shiota and Her Monumental Art

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Chiharu Shiota, is a Japanese artist who is best known for her room-filling, monumental poetic expression. Her art is nothing short of the intricate fusion of art and everyday objects.

Titled, "Uncertain Journey," her latest exhibit is an meticulously fixated  weaving of yarn. Symbolic in nature, her exhibit is a microcosm of unity. It speaks to the interconnected nature of people. "The installation is like one vast network, with boasts carrying us through on a journey of uncertainty and wonder.", says Shiota, the creative genius who gives her viewers a sensory visual experience. The stretching of dazzling, bloody-red yarn sounds bizarre, but the execution is iconic. It is currently on view at Blain in Southern, Berlin until Nov. 12th. Check out the gallery above and view more of her work here.