Until The Ribbon Breaks - "Revolution Indifference" (Ft. Run The Jewels)

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Until The Ribbon Breaks. This UK trio's name says it all, without need of an introduction. Having toured the US with Lorde, Phantogram & Delorian, this group is set to blow the lid off 2015 in style.

A few weeks prior to today, HYPEFRESH® had the opportunity to speak with the group's PR, Jennifer Jones of High Rise PR NYC via telephone on an unexpected Winter evening. To our surprise, we hadn't expected the call, however we welcomed the conversation with open arms.

"I have an excellent feature submission for HYPEFRESH®" says Jennifer, excitedly over the opposite end of the line. "My guys, Until The Ribbon Breaks are making some serious waves... and doing some big things." She then prompted for us to check our email immediately after the call, as she had forwarded the group's latest press kit and newest video to us.

Making a promise to do so, we ended the call and proceeded to our Gmail account. What we witnessed that evening was pure history in the making, leaving us wanting more.

 Until The Ribbon Breaks. Photo Credit: Complex UK

Until The Ribbon Breaks. Photo Credit: Complex UK

"I gotta get an interview with these guys.. They're hella talented man..." Said Clark (HYPEFRESH®) when the memo was forwarded to his inbox. "This group is in it's own lane, respectfully. That's hard to find nowadays" on the come up. Knowing Clark, he's probably trying to set up an exclusive at this very moment. But watching the video above, you can't blame him for wanting to ASAP the situation.

And by Clark's request, Jennifer delivered the group's unreleased debut album “A Lesson Unlearnt” (out now via KOBALT Music). Without any doubts in our minds, we knew what to expect - a pure genius composition. And in the same breath, we would have to applaud Until The Ribbon Breaks. They are seriously on their way to the top of the charts.

A few keynotes about Until The Ribbon Breaks - "Revolution Indifference"...

Having received critical praise from NPR, SIRIUS, BBC, and Pitchfork, HYPEFRESH® is honored to be added to the list of admirers and reviewers.

The record has an infectious urban bottom, blended with a killer arpregiated lead that sits gracefully in the middle, under a catchy lyrical blueprint. No need for limitations here, the song's structure isn't the average "cookie cutter" fresh out of the mold. It's direction is spontaneous and unpredictable.

A true musical journey it is, which takes the listener through various patterns and sequences and distorted voices, even a few gunshots here and there. As odd as that may sound, it actually goes well with the records sonic texture.

Run The Jewels, the hip hop duo featured, lays down heavy bars collectively - which in turn gives the song a refreshed dynamic almost instantly upon their cue. This record is a mere 3:10, which in our opinion - was a tease. But being tickled every now and then is good thing, right?

No questions asked, these guys are extremely talented all in all. We're pretty excited to see whats coming next in the year of 2015.



Currently the UK trio is on a national tour...

01/21 – Sound Academy – Toronto, Canada (upgraded from Danforth Music Hall)*
01/23 – Olympia – Montreal, Canada (upgraded from Club Soda)*
01/24 – State Theatre – Portland, ME (upgraded from Port City Music Hall)*
01/26 – House of Blues – Boston, MA*
01/27 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY*
01/28 - Rough Trade - Brooklyn, NY (headline show)
01/29 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC*
01/30 – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA*
02/02 – Schubas - Chicago, IL (headline show)
02/03 – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN*
02/06 – Roseland Theatre – Portland, OR*
02/07 – The Fox Theatre – Oakland, CA*


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