Usher Plays Sugar Ray Leonard In 'Hands Of Stone'

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Billboard iconUsher Raymond, returns to the spotlight as the legendary 'Sugar Ray Leonard' in the upcoming movie "Hands Of Stone". Known for nothing short of memorable hits and choreography, Usher continues to display another layer of talent on the big screen. Hands Of Stone centers around the notorious career of the heavy handed Panamanian boxer, Roberto Duran. The versatile brawler, played by Edgar Ramirez fights through the ranks to encounter a trilogy series with Sugary Ray for the multiple titles.

Director and writer, Jonathan Jakubowic, pulls in an all-star cast to help tell the story of boxing in what was considered the elite era of future legends. Roberto De Niro, plays Duran's infamous trainer Ray Arcel, who elevates the gifted hands to stardom under his tutelage. Throughout the movie key historical moments are covered, including the unforgettable rematch with Sugar Ray that led to "No Mas". Three months after losing his belt in the first meeting, Sugar Ray beats Duran in extraordinary fashion to regain his welterweight WBC belt.

Jakubowic looks to execute on the cinema stage by providing a personal look into the life boxer. While Duran is considered an all-time great in the ring, he also considered a hero in Panama. This movie look's to emphasize legendary story lines following the success of "Creed". With boxing on a downward spiral as of late, Hands Of Stone is the perfect appetizer for boxing fans across the globe.

Hands Of Stone is set to hit movie theaters August 26th!!