Vans Teams Up With Spectacular Visual Artist Takashi Murakami For Limited Collection

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Odds are by now that if you've kept up with Kanye West over the years, you are familiar with Takashi Murakami. After all, Kanye enlisted Murakami for his now-classic Graduation album cover art.

Because of his tremendous impact on art and pop culture as we know it, Vans has teamed up with Murakami for an extremely-limited run of shoes, only available in select locations worldwide. Even though their June 27th release date has since passed, you may still be able to find them at the following locations:

North America: Blends, Opening Ceremony, Dover Street Market New York, Bows and Arrows, Kicks HI, Undefeated, Bodega, Sole Classics, Pilgrim, Wish, Nice Kicks, St. Alfred, Vans DQM General, Kith, Hot Rod, The Darkside Initiative, Barneys, Conveyor, The Webster, OTH (Off The Hook), Gravity Pope, J2, Normal & Rooney.

Europe: Dover Street Market, Colette, Firmament, FOTT, Societe Anonyme, Veteran, Otero Y Gala, Baskets, Yme, C-Store, Storm, Sneakers N Stuff & Tres Bien.

Asia: IT, Exit, Juice, Crossover, Limited Edition, Unik, Deal, Wuhan & Vans Lab.

Happy hunting...

(Source: Complex Sneakers)