VILLA x Fabolous Introduce TV All-Star Jerseys

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Back in December the Grammy nominated rapper, Fabolous started a collaboration project with the Philadelphia based retailer, VILLA.

The two pop culture trendsetters wanted to capture historic moments in hip-hop through 90s sports films. And since Fabolous is known for his collection of throwback jerseys, he felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to break into the fashion industry.

The first campaign introduced on December 17th, 2015 was the “Watch Me Ball” collection. The “Watch Me Ball” collection consisted of three jerseys worn by characters in the 90s basketball movies, Above the Rim, He Got Game and Any Given Sunday.

"The collection was not only inspired by my passion for sports but also my interest in fictional/TV shows with sports themes & teams," Fabolous told ESPN Music.


With the All-Star weekend behind, the VILLA team and Fabolous knew that they would have some competition since it is also a common time for new releases.

It was necessary that the next phase in the collaboration was exclusive, therefore they released the TV All-Star Jersey line which draws from popular 90s TV shows and the characters that wore stylish jerseys. Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air inspired the first design, from the episode where Will dominates his high school basketball team.

The second design admired a jersey worn by Jimmy Brooks, also known as Drake, from Degrassi. Both of which are available today at various VILLA locations as well as the online store for $100.