Was Chris Brown's Instagram Picture A Response to Drake's Karrueche Lyrics?

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Chris Brown has truly been trying to stay out of the negative limelight, but of course negativity always finds a way to creep back in on us.

Drake and Future have just released their new project WATTBA Sunday evening. After a few days of listening, you know the media had to pull the lyrics apart.

On the track, "Live From the Gutter," Drake seems to throw a pretty clear subliminal at Chris by mentioning his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche. It was rumored that Karrueche and Future's DJ, Esco had been dating after a picture of the two was posted on Instagram.

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Karrueche shot the rumor down by responding to a Power 105.1 report saying,"Not sure who your “source” is but we are not dating. It was a simple club pic – nothing more, nothing less.”

Chris Brown took to Instagram, with a picture of him and his beautiful baby girl "Royalty" and said:

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"I'm too blessed for the bullshit. People who have had to sit a watch me for years do me and watch their females actually love me always show their insecurities. I embrace anything God has given me. It's bigger than this music shit. I'm content with being Chris Brown. A lot of people are unhappy and a lot of these artist lie to the fans or rely on hype to gain substance. You niggas bore me. Ima keep being who God made me to be! ???? #IAMMUSIC #othersbarelyholdanote #thesehandsworkgreat"

Chris seemed to be addressing the lyrics by shunning out the negative and retaining a humble spirit about the situation. Glad to see Chris Brown is Learning !