Watch: 'HOME MOVIES' An Awkward "Sex" Story, By Cameron Granger

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Cameron Granger, the rising film director from Columbus, OH has released his newest project: 'HOME MOVIES', which puts the period at the end of any sentence. At first, not knowing what to expect, I popped the video on with the expectation of a comedy. That is until the short film played through and I realized it wasn't. Some may find it funny, others may relate. 'HOME MOVIES' depicts the reality that love is hard for many to find, and to make up for it... Well. That's where a 'home movie' comes into handy.

And as awkward as this love story is, it represents so many things subliminally. Some could picture a "virgin's" experience on their first time after watching. Others could put together a prostitutes reality in the business with strangers. Another would be simply just an weird relationship between two weirdos. It just goes to show, sometimes the director doesn't want you to know exactly the point, and allows the viewer to form his own perception. Whether you can see it clearly or not, the message is definitely there, embedded within the frames of the film.

"The film is a deconstruction of the grandeur of sex in film. Says Granger, to HYPEFRESH. "I think in a lot of movies, especially one's about young people, we're fed that sex is a very grand, end all, be all act, some kind of trophy the main character gets at the end of the movie. A lot of times though, it's anything but."

HOME MOVIES is screening at the Los Angeles CineFest at the end of the month, and previously was shown at the GoldenSun Film Festival in Malta at the beginning of January. Getting nods from all over, we're sure this one will catch on fast with the film critics of the indie film world. Check it out for yourself, and don't forget to leave your thoughts below in our comment section.



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