Watch This Old Guy Pummel Man on the Subway for Allegedly Calling Him the N-Word Multiple Times

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This old guy on a NYC subway was caught on film beating the brakes off this guy in broad day. The reason? Apparently, the man getting beat on was being racist. And of course, the N-Word is used.

Thanks to Kemond (@raresoulx) for catching this awesome footage.

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He literally asked for it. The man never acknowledged him once. I didn't get much bc it was so hurtful to hear.

— kemond (@raresoulx) April 19, 2016

He also peed on his self ???????? he deserved everything he got to him.

— kemond (@raresoulx) April 19, 2016

And after the ass whooping, the elder sat down and had a peaceful ride:

after delivering the ass whooping of a lifetime he sat down and enjoyed the rest of his train ride in peace.

— kemond (@raresoulx) April 19, 2016