Watching Young Thug Read His "Best Friend" Lyrics Is Priceless

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Young Thug did an interview for GQ Magazine, which is due in March, and was asked to read his "Best Friend" lyrics.

GQ is doing an article with him claiming that it isn't Young Thug's lyrics that make him a great rapper, but the fact that you can't understand him.

They asked him to read the lyrics because they couldn't understand what he was saying. Watching him read the lyrics only adds to the fun. He looks like he is giving a report in front of class, and is trying to fill in the adlibs and space. It' s something to watch and have fun with.

The online article states:

"Young Thug is a great rapper. Not just because he’s so popular. Not just because he's put out 76 tracks in the last two years. And not just because he’s one of the hottest voices to come out of Atlanta, a place that puts out more successful rappers than Los Angeles does unsuccessful actors. It’s in large part because he’s all of those things while spitting entire verses where you can’t understand a single word he’s saying. "