"What Is Life Like After Attempting Suicide?"

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Surfing the web today, I came across an article which immediately grabbed my attention. Titled as a question, I read out loud:

"What is life like after attempting suicide?"

Pause. For a second, a chill ran down my spine as the thought of committing self inflicted harm disturbed my peace. But to 'kill yourself'? That's an entirely different feeling. Of course we all know that those who succeed in Suicide can't speak or reflect on the experience... because they're dead. However, there are those who actually survive after trying due to hesitation, miracle-like circumstances, or just plain failure.

Vice.com interviewed a few of these people who planned on ending their lives on their own terms, so we can learn vicariously from their stories. As shocking as it was to read, let alone to mentally process, it opened the door to pondering thoughts on the matter. Not that I would even think to do this, but it is a question everyone may have asked themselves at one point in time out of curiosity. Click the link below to read the full article and be sure to leave your comments in our Disqus section.