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What’s Crowd Funding Really About

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If those interested in information on crowdfunding Here’s my take on it:

I see it as a bit of fun. You don’t need to put down as much as you normally would on the main stock market to be able to get a good return.

Its a window into the world of start-ups, it is a platform which exposes new ideas to potential investors – with each new business you learn something new and there is that possibility of a great return on my investment further down the line.

For all I know I could put a small amount into the next Facebook or Google and be a shareholder right from the start !

I’m getting ahead of myself – just imagine though. The possibilities are available if you do your research and think smart.

Let me explain further.

The whole idea of crowdfunding is to spread the risk, essentially creating your own fund of emerging businesses.

My advice be cautious and educated

Whenever I spot a potential opportunity I monitor it and keep an eye on it over a period of time.

If youre comfortable and you think the business has a real chance of succeeding , make time to thoroughly review the idea then decide if you’re going to invest…

Research and monitor !

There’s plenty information out there on Crowdfunding. Don’t be scared to learn more about it.

Good luck !