When Marketing Goes Wrong What's Next ?

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When pushing for major attention and enacting a campaign that will garner said attention, make sure you have a stress-management process to turn to. Once you become the butt of a joke…it’s not going to look good.

There's plenty examples throughout history. Especially on social media.
Mistakes that are bad, one after another.

I won't list names.

What's the reason?
Some businesses just don't notice their big mistake until it's too late. Apparently, some don't realize just how lacking they were in emotional appeal. Their audience just doesn't approve. Things don’t always go according to plan, so don’t expect them to.

That's why it’s important to learn from other’s mistakes.

Lesson to learn: If your brand is one that produces a big divide in the public sphere, perhaps it’s best not to bring sentiment into the equation of marketing campaign. Or to use certain strategies that can easily back fire.

Next; don't be too confident. Especially if you're not solid enough to deal with what's to come.

Here's why: Being over-confident in a product that doesn’t work. You should never put yourself in a position to suggest customers not support or not use an alternative product because yours is perfect.

Never underestimate your competitors. Everyone has something up their sleeves. Especially in marketing. Be prepared.

If you're trying to fix things: One way a company can rebuild their brand through marketing is having a campaign about how they have changed and how the company is different. People will see this and try to trust the brand again. Some changes in the company could be a new slogan, new mission statement, new logo, and/or new goals.

Good Luck...