Why 50 Cent's Power Defies Logic

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Over the last decade it has became evident that 50 Cent knows what the people want. The former drug dealer from Jamaica Queens, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. For the most part, Curtis Jackson has continued to stay in the spotlight long after his distinguished music career started to dwindled. Known for being a true entertainer by his humor, and outrageous antics, it's safe to say that 50 Cent has hit another goldmine through the Starz Network. The show Power has continued to be an undeniable hit from the pilot until present.

Power centers around a discreet Drug Lord, that goes by the street name of Ghost. Ghost, played by "Omari Hardwick" is a no none sense individual that likes to handle business. With his book smarts and street knowledge through the drug game, Ghost ventures in the world of business with his night club called Truth. While Club Truth is one of many fronts for the drug business, Ghost looks to get out the the drug game once and for all. Him along with his ride or die Tommy, played by "Joseph Sikora", corner the market as the elite carriers throughout the city.


What most of the audience is seemingly able to relate to throughout the series is the difficulties surrounding everyday life. While Ghost run's his businesses, he still has an obligation to tend to his wife and kids as the head of the household. The show reveals an in-depth look into the dismantling of relationships, friendships, and code of ethics in the gruesome streets of New York City. On top of infidelity, lies, shootouts, and scandal, the show is still able to maintain realistic views that is relative to human nature.

50 Cent's ability to unfold the story line with anticipation is nothing short of his meticulous skills in executive production. The dynamic uncensored scripted TV series proves to be just what we need in the end of a horrific reality TV era. The plot all the way down to the cast enables the audience to have the perfect visual, and concept to what the streets entail. It's more evident than ever that Power is one of a kind, with no decline in near sight. The show is now through the midway point of the third season, and has been renewed for a fourth and fifth season.

Power currently airs on Starz Sunday's at 9PM. Check out the next episode and be sure to leave a comment below!