Why Are So Many People Having Sex at the Gym?

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One out of every four gym-goers have had sex in their local training gym. There's no exclusions. And if you think that's bad? Just imaging apartment gym facilities that are privatized. No wonder cleaning supplies are all over the damn place - just saying.

According to the The Independent, a survey of 2,000 citizens in England have admitted to getting it on in their local gym within the past year. That's a whopping 25 percent of the 2,ooo.

50 percent of those same people surveyed has used the gym to find hookups, while another 20 percent of women admitted to getting banged by their personal trainer. Seventy percent of the women claimed to have had some sort of fantasy about sex with their trainer.

The unfortunate part? Only 10 percent keep a condom in their gym bag.

But that's not it. What about in the U.S.? VICE spoke to several people who gave up tape on getting it poppin' in their gym. Even gym manager who had to make a rule against it happening, due to one of his trainers sleeping with so many clients.

"Brandon lived with a series of women who came to our gym. Rich tech women. He was sort of a kept man. One of the women who used to date him came into the gym, right into a class he was instructing, and started screaming about how he was a liar, that she hated him, and how she hoped he was fucking all his other bitches real good... you get the scene. I had to shoo her out the door. After that incident, the no-sex rule was made."

Another good reason as to why this may be a rising trend is because of attraction. How many guys walk into a gym and see this?

Or even better. How many women walk into the gym and see this?

While regular men and women in the street look like this:


It's no wonder more gym-goers are in the gym, busting it open - or tearing it up. Not to say the regular Men and Women (who aren't gym goers) aren't attractive, because they are. However,  it just make sense as to why the number are increasing in workout facilities. Vanity and attraction could be the possible answer.