You Can't Deny That LeBron Is The Most Dominant Player Now

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There has always been debates about who’s the best in the league?

Maybe you say Kevin Durant, because of his length and phenomenal sharpshooting ability. Or could it be Derrick Rose because of his agility, and killer execution when driving to the basket. Perhaps Russell Westbrooke, because of his speed, and relentless pursuit to demolish any opponent standing in the way of victory. Whoever you believe is the best, quite frankly is a figment of your imagination. LeBron James has proven without a doubt that he is the overall best player in the league.

On May 14th, 2015, after defeating what was supposed to be his greatest challenge yet, LeBron left the floor after taking the bulls in six games. This win meant more than just entering another round of the playoffs. With the win Thursday night, LeBron was placed in an elite class of legends who played the game. King James has now made it to five consecutive conference finals in his career. Placing him with Magic Johnson, Bill Russell , Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kurt Rambis, and Chauncey Billups. Being able to make it to the conference finals five years in a row with different teams reflects that LeBron is among the greats.

2009 marked a great year of transition for the King. His final year in Cleveland, the Cavs was the top seed in the East with limited talent outside of LeBron. The King willed this team to the semi conference finals where they lost in six games to the Celtics. After a long season, and expiration of his contract, James went on to Miami to go to the NBA finals all four year during his tenure with the heat. These are all facts that cannot be debated.

Over the last five years, LeBron James team has been the one or two seed in the conference going into playoffs, and in the top six overall in the league. After leaving Cleveland going into the 2010 season, the Cavs did not return to the playoffs until James made his return. The Heat was dealt the same hand of not making it to the plays due to ongoing injuries and not enough talent. Miami missed the playoff the first time in over five years. James who has been filled voids in every team has emerged as one of the biggest difference makers in the league. The Akron native has proven that he is the X factor, when it comes to putting together the blueprint for success!!

The King is currently in pursuit of his third ring to add to his legacy. With an arsenal of talent, LeBron continues to place himself if a bracket all by himself. In game four of the semi-conference finals, LeBron had his 74th game with at least 25 points, 5 assist and 5 rebounds in the postseason. This places him above Jordan to be the all-time leader in the category. You can do all the comparing you like, but it’s clear in this era that LeBron is most dominant amongst active players!!