Why Modern Day Hip Hop Needs A New "Kanye"

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With Kanye being the ego driven, creative genius we all love yet hate at the same time, why do we need another one for today's times, you might ask?

Maybe its just me, but do you recall the gut feeling you had when you first listened to Kanye's "The College Dropout"? Was it refreshing to your hip hop programmed eardrums, or was it run of the mill, copy-paste gangsta music that over flooded the airwaves back in 2002?

Definitely not the latter. 


Many were hesitant to give it a shot. Others, like myself completely embraced what Ye' was attempting to do. Simply put, changing the standard sound of acceptable Hip Hop music for the the fans of the genre.

"It just wasnt your generic hiphop sound, says a close friend of mine during a recent conversation over lunch. "Here was a man being completely honest on record, who related to the general urban public. No guns, or drug talk, pimpin... Nuh-uh. More like social issues of black america, personal idiosyncrasies and the passion to make it out here in the world. Who cant relate to that?"

Well, there are a few who cant, but we get the point being made here.


Kanye set the pace within the first decade of the 2000's with his debut album that raised the bar in Hip Hop. Not just lyrically, but production-wise in addition. Lets not forget about Jay-Z's "The Blueprint" which featured 6 of West's "Dropout" styled productions, which added more fuel to his flame.

Before you knew it, imitators were coming out the closets worldwide, reproducing the sped up sample- style soul tracks Kanye coined his niche. Universal lyrics also were impacted too, as many were influenced away from talking about gangster topics, to more personal/ heartfelt issues.

Alas! We had a new golden era in the hip hop world. Some called it the "backpack" era of rap, other coined it "conscious". But deep down inside, we all knew who made it cool to wear pink polos, LV Backpacks and rap about matters of the heart: Kanye.


And then, Ye turned into Yeezus... Which confused many of his fans, including myself. Calling himself a "God" and mocking Jesus Christ. Not only that, his sound went from unique to "wtf is this?". And just like that, his cultural influence weakened.

Not saying he's currently not an pop icon, but hip hop has moved away from what millions loved him most for.

Why we need a new Kanye today you may ask? Because no-one currently has stepped forth to be the "game changer". We're in tbe same loop before Ye' stepped forth years ago. Only difference? This new hip-hop generation is more focused on money, vanity and codeine, contrary to the gangsta era in the late 90's, early 00's.


My opinion? Currently a few DO stand out from the crowd -respectively (J.Cole, Drake, & Kendrick) However, the impact isnt comparible to era of the "Dropout" which made the world of hip hop do a 360. From style, production and lyrics. Not taking anything away from these guys at all. Just calling it how I see it.

What's missing? Creativity and distintiveness. Many recording artists dont create ground breaking records anymore. No more "Jesus Walks" or " New Work Out Plans. No more theatrical music videos that pulled you into the mind of the creator. Just brain numbing, epileptic strip club scenes with money raining the "ceiling" clouds.

Just a bunch of newbies copycatting each other. Boring to even think about it.

Overall, the game just isnt the same. Someone please call Kanye and tell him to bring back the old Ye' people idolized him for. For the sake of hip hop.