Will Smith’s Son Jaden Makes Out With a Man On Television

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The time has come when negative naysayers would have visible proof that Will Smith's son Jaden is gay. The internet has been in a blaze over Jaden's strange behavior, feminine clothing selection and questionable remarks in previous interviews.

Well folks, here you have it. Jaden's kiss starts at 1:30 seconds in the video below.


According to MediaTakeOut.com:

"Jaden stars in the new Netlix series The Get Down – and his character is gay (or at least bisexual). And Jaden goes LL THE WAY with the role. We’re told that Jaden has a couple of “love scenes”, and we have a clip of one romantic scene he has with another male."

The tabloid website goes stating:

"Jaden is photo’d kissing the heck outta dude, and Jaden appears to be enjoying it. And we’ve seen Jaden’s previous acting roles – he’s not a good enough actor to FAKE THAT."

Just an acting kiss or is this the real deal? You be the judge and leave your comments below.