William Gay Fined For Honoring Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback William Gay was fined $5,787 by NFL on Wednesday for wearing purple cleats during last week's game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Since purple and yellow are the Minnesota Viking's colors, Gay was in violation of the NFL's uniform rules. However, the defensive specialist was not trying to make a fashion statement with his shoes. Instead he was trying to bring attention to Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Gay has seen domestic violence first-hand, his mother was shot and killed by his stepfather when he was seven years old. Gay has worn purple cleats every October for the past two seasons in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and is the spokesmen in a recent NFL PSA on the matter.

Gay is aware that he violated league rules and is not complaining about the fine. He is more concerned with the effects of his efforts.

We have seen how the NFL has handled domestic violence in the past. Hopefully the league will clean up its act.