Will Smith's View On Racism

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West Philadelphia's own Will Smith went on Stephen Colbert's Late Show last night and discussed how he sees today's racism in the U.S. According to Will, racism isn't getting worse, instead "it's being filmed". Somehow, he compared his marriage to racism by stating that he's put in his time as far as his marriage to make it successful and that in this country there's always something dark that has to take place before things are cleaned up. Will also thinks that racial issues aren't as bad as they were in the 1960's or the 1860's. When asked if he'd ever go into politics, Will replied that his greatest gifts aren't in politics but he's have had the itching. Comparing your marriage to racism is definitely an interesting way to view things Will Smith. You can currently catch Will Smith in theaters playing in new DC movie Suicide Squad.

Check out the interview clip above!