Women In Gambia Are Recycling Waste into Wealth

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An initiative in Gambia, called the Brikama Waste Innovation Centre launched in August, and is empowering women and reducing hazardous waste at the same time.

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The project, initially funded by the European Union's Global Climate Change Alliance, shows women in this region how to recycle waste into useful material and products, then turn around and sell them in local markets, according to AllAfrica.com.


Via WasteAid UK Facebook

Huffpost.com tells readers: "Wood-like waste is recycled into charcoal, for example, which can be used as an alternative to firewood and decrease deforestation. Food waste is recycled into compost to function as environmentally friendly fertilizers and plastic is turned into everything from paving slabs and gutters to local sanitary toilet holes."

This project helps the women become self-sufficient and productive members of their society.

Women learning at the center come from five communities, and some of them travel as far as 12 miles to learn these skills that will provide them with an income, according to the Guardian. For a country who's known to lag behind in equal opportunities, this program gives women a chance.